OLE error, class not registered


These messages occur when the software libraries have been overwritten by other software installations. The easiest way to fix them is to re-install the software from the original CD, using the following procedure:

The example below is for Visual Cash Focus.
If the software is installed on the local C drive (see below for network installations).

Rename the c:vcf6 folder to something else, for example c:\vcf6now.
Install the software from the CD into the c:\vcf6 folder.
Delete the c:\vcf6 folder. This step may surprise you – during step 2 all the libraries that are required by the software were installed. Deleting the vcf6 folder does not delete those libraries, which we wanted to install.
Rename the folder you created in step 1 (for example c:\vcf6now) to c:\vcf6.

All should now work OK.

If not, it may be a rights issue. You may have to repeat the installation as administrator.
If the software is installed on the network:

Run the net.exe file from Windows explorer, which is in F:\vcf6\net\ (assuming F is the network drive). Be sure to change the directory suggested from C: to F: (assuming F is the network drive – change to the appropriate letter for your installation).
Note: If that does not solve it, update your net.exe from this page. Then repeat the step above.