Strategic Focus Update for Existing Users

This is the latest version number:
Software package Latest version
Strategic Focus 3.950
If your version number is smaller than the version shown above, then get this update. Note: The update available below includes all revisions to-date for Strategic Focus version 3. (If you ever need to re-install from the CD, you only need to install the latest update). The version number of your software is found by clicking on About (under the Help menu on top of the screen). If you use Strategic Focus version 3 and above, there are updates for you on this page.Note: This software update is password protected. It is a service provided to our users with a current Strategic Focus maintenance arrangement. If you qualify you have been sent the password privately via email. If you do not have a password click here.Note: If your version is earlier than version 3, these updates will not work for you. For information about upgrading to the latest version contact us.  

Download latest update below

Here is where to get the update. There is one file to download.

Click here to get Strategic Focus update File name is: sfov3up.EXE 14.85 mb


1. Download the files above into a temporary directory.

2. Print the document you downloaded above: (the pdf file). It explains the use of the new features added to Strategic Focus.

3. Run the program sfov3up.EXE to install the update.

4. After the above, start Strategic Focus. Under Help, About check that the software is at the latest version number – shown at the top of this page.

Tip for users with slow internet connections:

Our server supports resume download. If you have a slow internet connection and are not using a resume download tool, do yourself a favour and get one. Here is a shareware one which we like: If your internet connection goes off in the middle of a download, this tool allows the file to continue downloading from where it left off.