Visual Cash Focus feature list

Account numbers are unlimited.

Accounts payable and accounts receivable included.

Actual vs. budget reporting.

Allocation methods are flexible.

Amortization rate or amount specified.

Amount – budget and actual are entered or imported.

Bad debt accounts catered for.

Bank account and overdraft – any number.

Balance sheet is calculated. Opening balance sheet is entered or imported.

Budget building process is easy and accurate. The budget created is comprehensive, flexible and sophisticated, yet easy to use.

Budget management tool.

Budget – extensive capabilities. Can budget financial and non-financial items.

Calculate projected financials for organization.

Calendar for dates.

Cash flow profile per period to cater for seasonality and changing trade terms.

Cash flow statement is calculated.

Chart of accounts can be imported or exported.

Company details are entered.

Company tax rate.

Compare actuals to current, year-to-date and full year budget and report variances.

Consolidation – Visual Cash Focus can consolidate profit centres as well as any number of models. Stores favourite or frequent consolidation lists for regular use.

Copy – clone data from one account to another.

Cost of Sales (COS) or direct cost accounts included.

Crystal reports used for reporting.

Currency options – can have one or multi-currency budgets.

Current asset accounts included.

Current liability accounts included.

Declining value.

Depreciation rate or amount.

Direct costs section.

Dividends declared and paid.

Drag and drop built-in.

Equity accounts included.

Excel interface – export/import. Use Excel to create supporting schedules for any account. Import schedule easily.

Exchange rates can be entered.

Expenses – several methods to budget.

Export to Excel, ASCII, Word, PDF.

Extend a forecast. One or many years.

Fixed asset accounts. Deprecation, acquisition or disposal, lease or hire purchase.

Folders – 9 levels available to get sub-totals.

Fonts and margins can be changed.

Gain/loss on disposal of asset is built in.

General Ledger.

Graphs – Multiple graphs on page, multiple graph types, can select printer, set graph headings and footers.

GST and VAT. Calculations are automatic.

Help on any field. Help function on almost every screen, to take you directly to the help page that is most appropriate.

Hire purchase accounts.

Import Excel, ASCII.

Income receivable accounts.

Income statement is calculated.

Intangible asset accounts.

Interest rate.

Inventory accounts.

Investment accounts.

Invoice method.

Irregular payments allowed.

Lead time facilities.

Leases included.

Ledger is calculated.

Linkage of revenues and expenses to specific balance sheet accounts, e.g. revenue can be linked to accounts receivable and bank accounts or inter-company accounts.

Loan calculations included. Long term loans.

Managing the budget.

Manufactured items in manufacturer module.

Manufacturing functionality is included for calculating ‘bills of materials’, managing raw materials, WIP and finished goods levels for any number of product lines.

Margins calculated.

Miscellaneous items for budgeting non-financial items.

Models – any number.

Net asset value.

Network or PC version.

Opening balances.

Organization type is unrestricted.

Other income accounts organiser – can move other income accounts to appropriate places on the income statement. For example, show some other income under Sales.


Performance measures of profitability, liquidity and financial structure. Additional user-defined ratios can be added.

Period-month, week, quarter, year.

Price per unit method.

Print setup.

Printer margins.

Profits vs cash – Relationship of profits to cash flow. See instantly how long profits take to convert into cash flow.

Profit and loss calculated.

Profit center budgets included.


Purchases automatic.

Ratios calculated.

Report wizard available.

Reports include projected cash flow statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, source and application of funds and actuals-versus-budget performance analysis.

Reports produced are integrated, well organized and cover all aspects of the budgeting and monitoring process.

Results to printer, PDF, Word, Excel.

Revenue accounts and budget entered.

Rollover is ongoing.

Save a forecast.

Solvency calculations.

Source & application of funds calculated.

Straight line depreciation.

Sub-totals available.

Supervisor function maintains user names, passwords and controls model access.

Tax expense.

Terminology change. Customizable terminology tables are used to cater for any type of business or organisation including accounting, legal, government, service, non-profit, educational, agricultural, farming and horticultural industries.

Timings per period.

User journals available.

Variable exchange rates if required.

VAT or GST calculations are automatic.

Verify results is powerful.

View results in reports or spreadsheet mode with double-click verification.

Visual screens. A drag and drop feature allows you to click and drag accounts from one folder to another to match ledger and reporting requirements.

What-if and sensitivity analysis.

Windows based.

WIP accounts.

Word processor capabilities for notes

Year-end dates.

Zip and unzip functions are built in for archives, backups and emailing models between users.

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