About us

Cash Focus was established in 1991 to create powerful and easy to use business financial management software for sustainable future profitability.Our team develops professional software products based on financial techniques to analyze current and historical business performance. The aim is to increase enterprise valuations and over time shareholder value. We provide the tools for researching future strategies and plans that help organizations build a more valuable business Our specialization is introducing simple solutions to complicated problems with software tools that translate management methods into applications having the functionality without unnecessary complexity of implementation or operation. The sleek, clear interfaces, uncompromising functionality, rock solid data integrity and low cost of ownership place our products among the most enjoyable, cost effective and easy-to-use software products in their categories.

How Cash Focus is different.

Business budgets, financial analysis and costing tools - today's solutions for tomorrow's profits
  • Cash Focus translates the management method into comprehensive, cost effective, low risk and easy to use applications that can be independently implemented and operated. Our products have the functionality without unnecessary complexity of implementation or operation.
  • Data integrity in Cash Focus products are assured with verifiable audit trails with historical accounting methodology.
  • With performance management applications the success of the model depends on the quality of the input data. It is our view that time should be concentrated on streamlining the input data, rather than on lengthy implementation and training schedules.
  • Cash Focus products can be used individually or as a suite.

Cash Focus clients include

  • Corporations - private, listed and international organizations
  • All levels of Government
  • Accounting practices
  • Banks / financial services
  • Educational institutions
  • Management consultants
  • Commercial
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Manufacturers / suppliers / retailers / service companies.

Executive summary

Cash Focus provides complete software solutions to assist management in setting and achieving financial goals. Each package is in active use in hundreds of organizations throughout the world. The tools are useful for analyzing past performance, predicting future requirements and managing the process of arriving at the desired outcome.

They stretch the business outlook from historical achievements to future performance.

The Cash Focus software is among the best in the world. The packages are user-friendly, quick to implement, easy to operate and have a low 'total cost of ownership'.

The products have excellent functionality without complexity.