Visual Cash Focus - for budget preparation and management

Visual Cash Focus is used for
budgeting, planning, management reporting
and rolling forecasts.

The business budget

This software simulates the trading of your business to produce the budget:

You supply the starting balance sheet and an estimate of revenue, cost of sales, expenses, other income, tax and dividends as applicable.

Visual Cash Focus uses your information to calculate all these at the end of every period:

  • Expected cash flow
  • Net income  / profit
  • Bank balance
  • Accounts receivable and Accounts payable
  • Inventory levels
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Financial ratios.

You can also enter: fixed asset schedules, overdraft arrangements, lease and hire purchase payments, long term loans and inventory requirements.

View the general ledger for any account and see the transactions that comprise the forecast result.

Budgets can be created, managed and reported by profit centers within organizations.

Reports include budgeted cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss), source and application of funds, ratios, graphs and variances.

Visual Cash Focus calculates these:

What Visual Cash Focus business budget software forecasts

Accounting in advance!​

How does it work?

Double-entry accounting is traditionally used to prepare a company’s financial statements as it operates during the year. When it comes to budgeting and forecasting, however, many people resort to spreadsheets and formulae. But they forget how powerful double-entry accounting is.

Visual Cash Focus is unique in that it uses double-entry accounting methods to prepare budgets and management reports.

Visual Cash Focus prepares budgets by doing accounting in advance!

Why Visual Cash Focus?

Comprehensive and flexible

Relationship of profits to cash flow

See instantly how  income gets converted into cash flow. Visual Cash Focus forecasts profits and the corresponding cash flows.

Rolling forecasts

Get a continuous business outlook with rolling forecasts to simplify the annual budget process.

Cash Flow Profiles

Enhanced flexibility as cash flow profiles are used for your assumptions. Can pay and receive funds from multiple accounts.

User journals

Virtually any financial budget transaction is possible with the user journals built into the software.

Audit trails for budget

Budget accuracy and accountability is provided because of the built-in double-entry accounting audit trails for the forecast results.

Track performance

Can monitor actual performance versus the original budget as well as revised forecast. Budget can be revised easily as new information comes to hand.

Supreme efficiency

Astoundingly comprehensive budgeting, forecasting and management reporting is all in one place. Month end management reporting is accomplished in minutes.

Advanced warning

Monitor future operating performance and know well in advance whether corrective actions are required.

Visual Cash Focus is the software solution for your budgeting and reporting requirements.

This solution produces comprehensive detailed budgets in substantially less time, with far less stress, and much greater accuracy and data integrity than was previously possible.

Using the traditional accountant’s tool of double entry accounting we have created budgeting and financial forecasting software that is powerful, fast, flexible and sophisticated.

See how Visual Cash Focus is used to create and deliver professional financial budgets and forecasts, including profit and loss / income statements, balance sheets and cash flows.