Visual Cash Focus

Business budget software that simulates the trading of your business

The software integrates planning, budgeting, rolling forecasts and management reporting.

You supply the starting balance sheet and the following where applicable. An estimate of revenue, cost of sales, expenses, other income, tax and dividends.
You can also supply: fixed asset schedules, overdraft arrangements, lease and hire purchase payments, long term loans and inventory requirements.Visual Cash Focus uses your information for end of period predictions.

This solution produces comprehensive detailed  budgets in substantially less time, with far less stress, and much greater accuracy and data integrity than was previously possible.

Visual Cash Focus facilitates the creation and delivery of professional business budgets where attention to detail matters. 

The same accounting methods used to analyze a company’s performance on an historical basis are applied in this budget software to analyze future performance.

You can view the general ledger for any account and see the transactions that comprise the result. Budgets can be created, managed and reported by profit centers within organizations. Reports include budgeted cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss), source and application of funds, ratios and graphs and variances.

Period end forecasts

What Visual Cash Focus business budget software forecasts

Why Visual Cash Focus?

Comprehensive and flexible business budget software

  • Flexible budget periods
  • Budget by profit center
  • Multiple currency budgets
  • Budget non financial quantities
  • Interface to Excel & Xero

Rolling forecasts

Get a continuous business outlook with rolling forecasts and eliminate need for annual budget process

Relationship of profits to cash flow

See instantly how long it takes for profits to be converted into cash flow. Visual Cash Focus will forecast profits and the corresponding cash flows

Cash Flow Profiles

Enhanced flexibility is provided with cash flow assumptions. Multiple accounts can be used to pay or and receive funds.

User journals

Because virtually any transaction is possible with  user journals the inclusion of user journals significantly extends the capabilities of this  budgeting tool

Audit trails for budget

Genuine rather than simulated double entry accounting audit trails are used. As a result the budget accuracy of amounts is maximized and you can easily trace the passage of entries from start to finish.

Track Perfomance

Track actual performance  against both the original budget and the revised forecast. Therefore the budget can be revised easily as new information comes to hand.

Supreme efficiency

Astoundingly comprehensive budgeting forecasting & management reporting capability all in one place. Month end reporting in minutes.

The software is simple, easy, accurate and fast and removes the potential for errors inherent in spreadsheet budgeting solutions. Unlike spreadsheet-based systems:

  • The accuracy and integrity of results is never in doubt. Calculations are done automatically. Standard double entry accounting ensures quick and simple auditing.
  • Transparency is inherent in the software and not a function of any particular author. No need to waste time with inherited models in deciphering formulas and macros and resolving mystery links issues.
  • The need for data entry duplication is removed as everything is all there in one place.

Advanced warning

Monitor future operating performance and know well in advance whether corrective actions are required

Who needs this caliber business budget software?

Accountants and business consultants
Government departments
Not for profit organizations
Education – secondary and tertiary education facilities
Service industries
Any business requiring budget management

If you are still ambivalent about change try this:

What users say

“My firm has been a global user of Visual Cash Focus for a number of years. It is a unique piece of software to use in the complex area of cash flow management and provides a perfect closed loop going from P&L to Balance Sheet and Cash flow with relative ease; and the after sales service is second to none.” – Jim Chitsos, International Accounting Manager, NUFARM

Which edition do I need?

Visual Cash Focus is suitable for all types of business and is scalable as your needs grow. There are different editions – Small business (Standard), Business (Gold), Corporate and Enterprise. The Business (Gold) is the most popular for the non corporate sector. Which edition best suits your needs can be established by matching the software features with your requirements

How much will it cost?