Budget analysis audit trail

Distinctive traditional double entry budget analysis audit trails in Visual Cash Focus

Budget analysis audit trails are a distinctive feature of Visual Cash Focus providing the functionality necessary to report and check account balance information in the budget model.

Any amount in the budget or cash flow forecast can be tracked and verified with the debit/credit drill down facility.

An audit trail and key timing assumptions report are available to easily review accounts in the model. The tool uses proven double-entry forecasting methods to bring you unsurpassed budget forecasting accuracy.

Visual Cash Focus prepares the budget like the traditional accounting ledger. For every transaction a genuine double entry occurs in the ledger. Tracing transactions and pinpointing discrepancies in the budget is achieved in exactly the same way. What  presently is standard  for historical financial analysis is  available here for future predictions too.

This budgeting forecasting software relies only on traditional double entry accounting to produce the budgets making it familiar territory for anyone with an accounting background.