Consolidation of Budgets

Budget consolidation is the process of combining one or more budget models into one model for reporting purposes. In all versions of Visual cash Focus budget software except the entry level “Standard” edition consolidation of models is included. Budget consolidation is automatic. Any number of models can be consolidated. The models should be of the same duration. Consolidation is done at the account level. If the account numbers match they are consolidated. If an account occurs in only one forecast it also appears in the consolidated model. Automatic eliminations between models during consolidation comes with the Corporate and Enterprise editions.

Budget consolidation vs Departmental budgets

If you are budgeting and forecasting for multiple separate entities, like different companies, each with their own balance sheet then each entity needs its own model. Consolidation of budgets will convert these models into a single budget model. However if the entities are for instance different departments within the same company and share a common balance sheet then a departmental budget model is all that is required.