Flexible budget periods

Sometimes flexible budget periods are necessary for comprehensive budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management.

Have single or multi year budget in same budget model. Budget periods include monthly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly and annual.

In Visual Cash Focus you can have one or several years in the same budget model.

There are also other budget period possibilities to add flexibility to your model such as monthly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly and annual as preferred.

Generally you add 3 extra periods beyond the required budgeting periods. So a twelve month forecast should have 15 periods. A 36 month forecast should have 39 periods. This is to take into account any “End effects”. Example: Sales in month 13 may require the purchase of inventory in month 12 or 11 and this will affect the inventory levels, creditors and bank on the balance sheet for this year. Three months is sufficient to cater for most organization’s “end effects”, but if you have long Lead times (e.g. farmer producing wine) you can increase the number of periods to forecast.