Why Use Visual Cash Focus for Budgeting and Forecasting?

There are substantial budgeting benefits to using Visual Cash Focus. You can prepare extensive detailed budgets without formula-based spreadsheets.

Visual Cash Focus is affordable, scalable and easy to implement. It gives you data integrity by forecasting the budget using traditional double-entry accounting techniques … for the budget!

“Why is the forecast accounts receivable budget amount so high next March?” Double-click to see the easy-to-use audit trail; all the budget assumptions you made that gave that amount are listed. So you can answer the question!


Budgeting, cash-flow forecasting, budget consolidations, actuals, what-if analysis and management reporting – all in one place!

Reduces time, stress, complexity and costs associated with:

  • Preparing budgets, forecasts and cash flow projections.
  • Forward budget planning.
  • Ongoing budget refinement.
  • Comparing actual figures to budget forecasts.
  • Producing comprehensive management reports.
  • Planning, budgeting, re-forecasting and management reporting.


Easy to verify transactions

With Visual Cash Focus it’s easy to see how the budget is calculated. Our unique use of traditional double-entry accounting for future financial statements provides a journal entry for every single transaction in the budget. The audit trail is calculated, not simulated. The flow of money is clearly visible. Tracing discrepancies in budget amounts is straightforward and simple, just a matter of following the built-in audit trail.


Easy to construct the budget

Visual Cash Focus is designed to guide you through the budget building process easily and accurately. Gone are the hours of manual tasks, calculations and data transcription together with the probability of errors you introduce in the budget. . Here is a powerful, flexible, transparent, professional software solution which is easy to use and reasonably priced.


Budget shows true financial position

The future financial position of the organization is revealed using the built-in reports. These include: balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement (profit and loss), source and application of funds, ratios and graphs. All calculations and reports are automatic.


Monitor variances from budget

Visual Cash Focus manages the ongoing reporting of actual results versus budget, showing variances. Use the superior audit trail to identify and explain deviations. Use the management reports to take timely corrective action as business conditions change. Visual Cash Focus monitors performance and helps you to know in advance if corrective actions are required.


Always up-to-date

A Visual Cash Focus budget is never out of date. It is easily revised as new information comes to hand. Review and revise the budget exercise any number of times. The budget management is automatic so your time can be spent productively on budget planning instead of trying to understand and fix links in a spreadsheet. Visual Cash Focus is able to give you a continuous business outlook with frequent and accurate rolling forecasts.


Be productive immediately

Avoid the agony and cost of a lengthy implementation and training schedule. Easily installed and operated. Just install the software and start building the budget. Our double-entry traditional accounting approach to the budget will ease you into producing and efficient budget and reporting system for your company in no time.

The benefits of Visual Cash Focus in your budgeting process are numerous.

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