Business Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Visual Cash Focus business budgeting and forecasting software enables the automated modeling of likely outcomes of future trading. Standard double entry accounting has long been used to monitor financial business performance in arrears. Now you can remain in familiar accounting territory for future business performance management with Visual Cash Focus.

Visual Cash Focus business budgeting software simulates the trading of your business. You supply the starting balance sheet and an estimate of revenue, cost of sales, expenses, other income, tax and dividends if applicable.

You can also supply: fixed asset schedules, overdraft arrangements, lease and hire purchase payments, long term loans and inventory requirements.

Your information is used to predict the expected cash flow, net income/ profit, bank balance, accounts receivable and payable, Inventory levels, balance sheet, income statement / profit and loss account and financial ratios at the end of each period.

You will find that:

  •  You get an accurate result quickly & easily. Visual Cash Focus can get you to an answer in perhaps an hour or less from start to finish for a new forecast.
  •  Periods are not restricted to monthly; they can be weekly, fortnightly, daily, quarterly, annually, etc.
  •  Profit centers are incorporated.
  •  Budgets can be based on financial and non-financial items e.g. number of hotel rooms.
  •  For transactions involving cash flow funds can be directed to any bank, accounts receivable or payable accounts via any number of cash flow profiles
  •  The inclusion of User journals extends the capability of the program almost infinitely.
  •  You can communicate with your favorite spreadsheet if desired.
  •  Any number of models can be consolidated.
  •  Results can be reported in any currency. Fixed and variable exchange rates are catered for.
  •  All figures are verifiable; in the balance sheet, income statement / profit and loss account, or cash flow statement the underlying general ledger for any figure is readily available to verify the amount.
  • "what-if" scenarios great for modeling the impact of projected changes on your operations and test alternative financing situations
  • It's simple to compare Actuals to Budget or Forecast
  • The relationship between profit and cash flow is clearly visible.
  • Rolling forecasts eliminate the annual budget process. Each time the model is rolled it copies the last period out for the managers to review and make any changes. If periods are monthly after 12 rollovers you have the next years data without the need for another budget round.
Unlike spreadsheet-based systems, the accuracy and integrity of Visual Cash Focus  results is not in doubt. Calculations are done automatically. Standard double entry accounting ensures quick and simple auditing. Models are immune to staff changes. Visual Cash Focus offer astoundingly comprehensive budgeting forecasting & management reporting capability all in one place. It is affordable, scalable and easily implemented. Quite simply Visual Cash Focus is the best single solution for budgeting forecasting and management reporting. It is both cost effective and comprehensive enough for the most demanding of business budgeting and forecasting requirements including multiple profit centers, multiple currencies and combination period forecasts.