Comprehensive budget tool

Visual Cash Focus rates among the most comprehensive of budget tools with advanced budget and cash flow forecast capabilities. The program does budgeting and forecasting for all Income statement / Profit and Loss and Balance sheet accounts.

Budget tool extended functionality

Functionality is further extended with accounting journal entries or User Journals a feature of all versions of Visual Cash Focus. Non-financial items and Manufactured items can also be budgeted for in Miscellaneous items (Gold version and upwards) You can also:
  • Store as many versions of budgets as needed for reporting. Unlimited number of budget models can be created.
  • Do Budgeting, financial forecasting and management reporting of cash flow statements, profits and balance sheets.
  • Create a budget that is as simple or as complex as needed. Then use the software to report actual performance compared to budget.
  • Link revenue and expenses to specific balance sheet accounts, e.g. revenue can be linked to bank accounts or inter-company bank accounts.