Allowed user count exceeded message

When the software is installed on a server, the software counts the number of users currently logged on.


To assist you to keep within the number of licences you have purchased,the software alerts you if the number of users exceeds the number of licences purchased.

Please ask us for a licence for additional users if you see this message.

Tip: Occasionally the number of users reported will be incorrect. This can happen if a user exits the software abnormally. This is usually self correcting, as the next time the user logs in, when he exits his user flag will be released normally.

If you wish to reset the flags, do this:

  1. Exit the software. Important: do not use the re-login button for this.
  2. Start the software and Log in as Supervisor with the Supervisor password.
  3. Open a model (or start a new one if none are available to choose).
  4. Go to the menu option shown below to reset the users.