Mapped drives and Windows

Note: This file is for use by Cash Focus software clients only.


Question: When installing software onto a Windows PC, the mapped drives cannot be selected.


Unfortunately some versions of Windows do not find the drive mappings when install programs are run.


This implements the solution mentioned in Microsoft’s KB937624. Download and run the file below. After installation a reboot is required.

Download setup program for Windows drive mapping

Here is where to get the setup program. There is one file to download. Right-click on the link below. Then choose: Save target as:

Important: use the right-click on your mouse, not the left-click!

Right-click here to get the map setup fix File name is: setupMap.exe 1.3 mb

(Instructions are below)


Note: Close the installation program you were busy with.

1. Download the file above into a temporary directory.

2. Run the program setupMap.exe to install the map setup fix.

3. It will ask you to reboot. Do so, then run the normal install program. Your mapped drives should now be found.

Note: if the drive mappings are still not available, restart your computer one more time.


Install programs automatically elevate your rights so that files can be installed. Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista require the drive mappings to be redone or made available. The setup program provided here sets a system policy registration key entry for “EnableLinkedConnections”, as per Microsoft Knowledge Base Article KB937624 available here: