Printer issue (export reports)

Error message with Crystal report, Export

When attempting to export a Crystal report, the following error message appears: Export DLL cannot be found.

Other error messages that may be applicable: “No Database DLLs Found…”

This scenario occurs on a computer with a Citrix Server or Terminal Server environment when working with Crystal Reports.


On the Crystal Reports web site, there is an article called “Citrix Server and Windows Terminal Server” that describes this error.

Steps to Resolve:

To resolve these issues, copy files from the Crystal directory to the Citrix Server’s or Terminal Server’s System directory.

This means that you should copy files from c:\program files\Common Files\CrystalDecisions\2.0\bin to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\

CAUTION Do not delete the c:\program files\Common Files\CrystalDecisions\2.0\bin directory. Other Business Objects products may require this directory.

With the DLLs in the System directory, the User Path Variable will be able to locate them. The error messages should be resolved and exporting should be successful.