How to re-install the software,

How to re-install the software, and then transfer the models into the new installation

This assumes that the existing location will be the same after the re-install.

Visual Cash Focus example (other software is similar):

If Visual Cash Focus is installed in C:\VCF8, then rename this folder. E.g rename to C:\VCF8_old.

Install the software from the CD or setup program that was supplied initially.

Start the software and register as normal. Close the software.

Copy the models: copy all the folders under C:\VCF8_old\Models to C:\VCF8\Models
In C:\VCF8_old\Data there are 3 files that are called Model, namely:

  • model.dbf
  • model.fpt
  • model.cdx.

Copy these three files into C:\VCF8\Data.

Start the software.

Open a model and get to the map.
Run the option: Check shared tables. It is under the Utilities menu, under Technical utilities.