Strategic Focus Gold edition feature list

Strategic Focus features list

Below is an alphabetic list of all features in the Gold edition.

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Actual results can be entered to monitor actual performance against budget. Monthly analysis includes cash flows, flowcharts and graphs.

Analysis created is comprehensive, flexible and sophisticated, yet easy to use.

Annual, monthly, quarterly, year-to-date capability.

Accounts receivable days.

Asset schedules.


Balance sheet is calculated.

Balance sheet – finance and operations.

Bank accounts.

Beta factor.

Breakeven report.

Budget is entered.


Calculator included.

Capital employed.

Capital turnover.

Cash flow is calculated.

Cash flow report.

Changes are tracked visually.

Compare financials option.

Consolidation is included. Stores favorite or frequent consolidation lists for regular use.

Contribution is calculated.

Cost of capital is entered or calculated.

Cost of sales accounts.

Created value is calculated.

Current assets accounts.

Current liabilities accounts.

Current performance analysed.


Data entry is quick and flexible.

Debt to capital.

Debt accounts.

Deferred tax.

Deposits accounts.

Depreciation accounts.

Diagrams for easy analysis.

Disciplined and effective approach to evaluate current and alternative financial strategies.

Dividend policy is implemented or calculated.

Du Pont analysis pre-tax and post-tax.


Economic Profit is calculated.

Economic ROCE (return on capital employed).

Economic Value Added framework.

Equity accounts.

Equity equivalents.

EVA (Economic Value Added).

Expense accounts.

Export capabilities extensive.


Finance vs. operations.

Financial analysis.

Financial health assessment report is built in.

Financial tool and financial strategies.

Fixed assets schedules.

Fixed cost of sales accounts.

Fixed expense accounts.

Flowcharts facilitate understanding of key performance measures.

Free cash flow (FCF) is calculated.


Gap analysis is calculated.

Goal-seeking is extensive. Two-way goal-seeking and sequential targeting facilitate working to a desired result.

Goodwill accounts.

Graphs included.

Gross profit is calculated.

Guides you through the financial analysis and business valuation processes easily and accurately.


Import capabilities from ASCII, Excel.


Income tax liability.

Intangible asset accounts.

Interest on deposits.

Interest on long term loans.

Interest on other loans.

Interest on short term loans.

Interest rates are calculated.

Interpretation of current results and proposed business strategies.

Inventory accounts.

Inventory days calculated.

Investment accounts.


Land and buildings can be entered.

Long term loan accounts.

Long-term plans.


Map for easy access to financials.

Marginal cash.

Marginal tax rate.

Market risk premium.

Market value is calculated.

Market value added (MVA) is calculated.

Marketable securities.

Matching concept.


Monthly analysis, also quarterly, yearly and year-to-date.

MVA (market value added).


Non current asset accounts.

Non-cash expense accounts.

Non-current liability accounts.

NOPAT (net operating profit after tax).


Opening retained income.

Operational cash

Operations vs. finance.

Other current asset accounts.

Other current liability accounts.

Other deductibles.

Other equity accounts.

Other loans.


Password protection

Percentage or days option.

Performance reported of actual v budget.

Performance indicators include profitability, net operating profit after tax, cash flows, economic return on capital employed and economic profit / economic value added.

Periods are flexible. Can be annual, monthly, quarterly or year-to-date. Caters for one or several years in the same model.

Planning is built in.

Plant and equipment analysis.

Price and volume spinners included.

Print to printer or export.

Profit & loss is calculated.

Profitability is calculated.

Provision for dividends.


Real profit is calculated.

Reports are extensive.

Research & development adjustments.

Results are calculated.

Return on capital employed.

Risk index.

ROCE (return on capital employed) is calculated.


Share capital accounts.

Share premium.

Shareholder value.

Shareholders equity.

Short term loans.

Short term plans.

Spinners for easy change.

Strategic planning.

Strategic management.



Terminology can be changed.

Timeline is flexible.

Tutorial is included.

Valuation reports are built-in.

Valuations are performed quickly and easily.

Value based adjustments (VBAs).

Variable cost of sales.

Variable expenses.

VBAs (value based adjustments).

Visual screens.


Weighted average cost of capital (WCC, WACC).

What-if analysis. “What-if” scenarios can be created, saved and compared by changing the parameters on the profit and loss or income statement and balance sheet.

Working capital.


Zip and unzip functions are built in for archives, backups and emailing models between users.

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