New in Visual Cash Focus Version 8

Summary of new features


New Excel interface. Use Excel to create supporting schedules for any account. Import schedule easily.

Also now supports latest Excel versions and CSV files.

GraphsAll new graphs, with many new capabilities. Multiple graphs on page, new graph types, can select printer, set graph headings and footers.
Profits vs cashNew option: Relationship of profits to cash flow. See instantly how long profits take to convert into cash flow.
NavigateNew navigator: find profit centres that already have amounts easily. Great for models with several profit centres.
Other incomeNew other income organiser: can move other income accounts to appropriate places on the income statement. For example, show some other income under Sales
ReportsReports improved – can now have % EBIT per period. Several other key totals can be shown as percentages per period.
TotalsTotal lines made more distinctive in reports.
% of salesNew column in the income statement is available – to show amounts as a percentage of total sales.
CopyOption to get data from another account and copy it into “this” account.
ConsolidationConsolidation has a new elimination module. New schedule of accounts to eliminate. Consolidation runs faster.
Import & exportImport and export has new options.
ActualsActuals – import has new options. New schedule now available.
Word processorNew word processor function: to make notes prettier – Bold, Italic, Highlight, etc.
Help functionNew help function on almost every screen, to take you directly to the help page that is most appropriate.