Visual Cash Focus integrates to Xero and Excel

Visual cash focus integrates to Excel and Xero accounting

Generally business prepares a budget to predict likely future financial outcomes. As time passes and the business trades periods that were part of the budget now have both the predicted amounts and actual amounts for comparison.

Visual Cash Focus and Xero integrate to provide both sets of data.

Xero and other accounting packages collect the historical data i.e the financial transactions that have already occurred in the business. This past data is also known as the  “Actuals” and indicates what actually happened as apposed to the budget or forecast prediction of amounts likely to occur.

Visual Cash Focus  provides the future predictions. It supplies the financial transactions that are expected to occur over the length of the budget usually the next year or more.

The budget software facilitates rolling forecasts and also reports actual performance versus the budget. This is possible because  Visual Cash Focus integrates to Xero enabling  the Actual performance data from Xero to be imported into the budget. Its now possible to compare these historical Actuals to budget predictions.

As shown in diagram above Xero and Visual Cash Focus combine to give you a full picture of your business. Xero provides  actual trading amounts of periods already traded whilst Visual Cash Focus predicts the amounts expected in the coming periods.

Xero can be interrogated and asked to supply its Actual data to Visual Cash Focus.