ABC Focus reports

Activity based costing results can be shown in several ways in ABC Focus. Most of the key results are easily accessible on the screen or via reports direct from the model map

The buttons with yellow borders on the map will open the relevant sections.

Reporting is comprehensive. For example the Cost objects reports can be in summary format, or in detailed analysis format. Full tracker reports are included.

Reports can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF.

Results can be viewed on screen

Cost of Cost Objects

In addition to reports, there is a dynamic analysis of most results on the screen. The view can be changed to description or significance order. This shows all the cost lines for a selected cost object. The details can also be viewed from a per cost line or per cost pool perspective.

Above the costs of cost object Blood test are shown per cost line  whereas below they are viewed from a per cost pool perspective.

This shows all the cost pools for the same cost object. The display is dynamic – the results can be re-ordered to reveal information relevant to the user.

Cost of processes

The Gold edition includes process costing and analysis:

With ABC Focus the integrity of all results can be demonstrated. The data can be verified in a number of ways including:Audit trails Reverse tracking cost objectsOverall Data integrity check