Visual Cash Focus version 8 - Help files for network users

Question: Help file problem:

Question: Help file problem: The topics on the left display, but the contents on the right page do not display.

When you open the help file this is what happens: – the help file comes up with all topics in the tree on the left, but a Page Not found or Operation Aborted or Action cancelled message shows on the right.

Why this is happening: Microsoft released a Windows security patch that prevents viewing help files (CHM format) that are stored on a network drive. It does not, however, prevent viewing help files that are stored on a local drive.


We have implemented a simple solution for Visual Cash Focus users who are on at least version 8 of the software.

Note: If you use other versions please see: Getting help to work in a network environment

The solution is to put the help file onto a local drive, and then tell Visual Cash Focus where to find the help file. Here is how to do this:-

1. Create a folder on the local drive for each user, e.g. C:\VCFHELP. This should be the same drive and folder for all users.

2. Copy the help file vcfhelp.chm from the F:\VCF8 folder into the C:\VCFHELP folder on each users computer.

3. Delete the vcfhelp.chm file from the F:\VCF8 folder. (Drive F: is just an example – you may have used a different drive letter).

4. Finally, use Notepad to create a file in the F:\VCF8\DATA folder.See below:-
It should contain just one line:


Save the notepad file as help.txt.
Now when the user runs the software and accesses help, it will use the local copy of the help file
and display its contents correctly.