Visual Cash Focus Features

Visual Cash Focus provides ideal balance of quality speed efficiency & cost. The software features depend on the version/edition of the budget tool. A number of editions are available – from the “Small business” entry level to the top of the range “Enterprise edition”. Many users start with the Business edition, and later add on additional modules as additional functionality is required. See the features available in each edition below

All versions will integrate with most ledger systems by sharing the same chart of account numbers and descriptions.

All versions have these features

Extras each version offers

Small business version

This is the entry level version containing the features listed above.

There is an upgrade path to higher versions allowing you to expand your planning and reporting capability as your requirements change.

Business version

This is an ideal starting point for smaller to medium size businesses with profit centers and for CA firms wanting to provide comprehensive consulting services for their clients. It has all the entry level features plus:

  • Multiple profit center budgets
  • Multi-currency budgets
  • Non financial items – can be included in your budgeting and forecasting
  • Consolidation of models
  • Report wizard for customizing reports.

Corporate version

Larger companies with multiple models and profit centers and for those who manufacture goods. Corporate additional features:

  • Matrix module for cross tabulating profit and loss reports.
  • Manufacturing for recovering and capitalising overhead expenses in the manufacture of finished goods.
  • Elimination – Automation of inter-company elimination adjustments during consolidation and special reporting formats
  • Bulk import for importing Actual results into several models simultaneously
  • Import actuals – can combine several amounts to one account
  • Equation module for calculating and monitoring revenues and expenses based on non-financial activity drivers.
  • Advanced currencies for translating foreign currency models using specified rates per period for each financial statement.

Enterprise version

Enterprise edition has all Corporate features plus “Bulk” and “Paperless” reporting for multiple managers in differing locations

An alphabetical list of Visual Cash Focus features is available.

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