ABC Focus Features

ABC Focus features provide a solution with an ideal balance of quality speed efficiency & cost for implementing activity based costing concepts. The software features depend on the version/edition of the product. ABC Focus is available in a Small business or Business edition where additional functionality is required.

Installations on PCs can use either edition while network license only use the Business (Gold) edition. Below are the features available in each edition.

Small business version

  • Activity based costing model is driven from a “map”, which makes for quick option selection
  • Cost lines: employees, materials, expenses
  • Cost line allocation
  • Revenue can be included in the activity based costing model
  • Integrity check for data entry
  • Results can be shown in a number of ways
  • Audit trails are built-in
  • Composite objects can be created from the cost objects in a model
  • Note pads are included
  • What-if calculations
  • Reporting is extensive
  • Graphics
  • Terminology is changeable by user
  • Flexible and easy-to-use

Business version

All features of Small Business edition plus:

  • Capital costing
  • Output-based budgeting
  • Consolidation
  • Compare data
  • Linking of models
  • Process costing and audit trails
  • Trace hours to cost objects and trace units through the model
  • Capital allocation to pools and cost of capital

A list of all ABC Focus features is also available.